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For those interested in the Chester Station as a venue for parties, Receptions, Reunions, symposiums or day trips, we offer complete and up-to-date facilities.


The massive 60 x 25 foot main room can become your themed  banquet room. Up to 100 people may be comfortably seated. We are fully ADA compliant and offer central air.

You may supply your own food for a modest building rental fee, or tap the Foundation for complete preparation of your meal.


Our Prices:

$150.00 for the station building alone.  Add $50.00 for the use of the 'Blue Caboose' kitchen facility.  There is a $50.00 refundable deposit for utensils refunded one week after your event.

This is a complete kitchen.  Station comes with sinks, stove with oven, 2 microwaves and a refrigerator. 


Wooden caboose overnight camping is $60.00 for one night, $100.00 for two. This includes access to the station bathrooms.

 Please note:  these prices have remained unchanged for 10 years.


Call us anytime at (413) 354-7878.



What does the station look like? is an oft-asked question, understandable for someone hoping to hold an event here. The fact is, it can look almost any way you want it too. The facilities are remarkably versatile, and our set up possibilities are almost endlessly varied.

Here is just a sampling of set ups we have had in the past. As long as you plan on less that 100 people, we can do almost anything for you.

MiniatureTheater DinnerMiniature Theater Dinner

Don't neglect the expansive platform around the building. When the weather cooperates, it is a superb space for watching the evening sunset, sipping drinks, or even serving and dining opportunities, as shown here.A Grand Wedding


Westfield River West Branch Paddlers Dinner

Tables in rows, circles, 'C' shaped, to Cafe style, with round tables, or this square design for a working morning breakfast meeting. The atmosphere is always cozy and the museum displays surrounding the room create endless conversation opportunities.

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